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Student agency provides an opportunity for students to become active agents of change, to be able to adapt to challenges and opportunities so they can purposefully shape their world and make meaningful contributions.  

This half day session will discuss the types of knowledge, and the social and emotional strengths students need to establish a sense of agency. The role of schools, teachers and the wider system in developing student agency will also be examined. 

What would a school or school system look like if it held student agency at the heart of its mission? How could a framework for curriculum and assessment help to foster agency? 

These are some of the issues Charles Leadbeater will explore with several schools from the Students Agency Lab program, providing practical case studies of how they made student agency central to their work.

A panel of presenters will provide useful insights into how to initiate change in practice and thinking, at both a personal and school-wide level. 

Prepare to make the most of this session by reading Charles Leadbeater’s papers and viewing the video on Student Agency prior to the event: 

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Charles Leadbeater

Charles Leadbeater is an internationally renowned author and advisor on innovation, including to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) 2030 Framework. In partnership with the Association of Independent Schools of South Australia (AISSA) his latest paper Learning on Purpose: Ten Lessons in placing student agency at the heart of schools (Feb 2022) presents lessons participating schools learnt during the three-year Student Agency Lab project in South Australia.

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Covid-19 safety measures

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