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I am Prescient.

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Welcome to Prescient

We are a network of educators who are committed to delivering transformative professional learning. We share ideas, problem-solve and empower teachers in their vital role as change agents. Education is changing and teachers need to be responsive to support students to thrive ... are you ready for what comes next?

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What's on

Using video to enable active learning

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Maximising challenge and active learning in the classroom

This full-day, face-to-face workshop is a highly interactive and engaging session where participants will develop their knowledge and skills in using technology for mastery learning. This is a repeat of our sold-out session held in June 2021.

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We shape education

Prescient partners with leading education practitioners to influence and inspire teaching practice. We will deliver an engaging professional learning program that empowers educators to shape education so that their students thrive.

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What is the learning entitlement of students?

In the global context of 2020 and beyond, what are students entitled to learn that will enable them to live their best life throughout the rest of the 21st century?

South Australian education is focused not just on developing knowledge and skills, but on the other attributes students must get from their education - a sense of belonging, connection to the world around them, a sense of achievement, and through their learning, a zest for life.

Prescient is committed to working with schools and teachers on bringing the whole student into focus in the classroom.

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