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Why should I attend?

DISCOVER strategies for tailoring Integrated Learning in ways that cater for student interests, as well as local, community, or industry needs.
ENRICH your knowledge of how to incorporate opportunities for students to develop and apply their capabilities.
PREPARE students to provide and adopt peer feedback.
SUPPORT students to build their collaborative skills.
MASTER an understanding of delivery tactics and assessment criteria.
SHARE your models of success.

This event will be a full day of professional learning and is offered in a face-to-face format. It will not be available to view online.
A separate face-to-face masterclass is being developed for our NT colleagues.

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  1. Time


  2. Registration

  3. Welcome and keynote address

    Professor Martin Westwell, Chief Executive of the SACE Board will share the organisation's vision for the Thriving Learner, international trends in education and the strong connections with Integrated Learning.

    Professor Martin Westwell, Chief Executive, SACE Board

  4. Capabilities

    Integrated Learning leads the way in supporting SACE students to develop and demonstrate their capabilities. During this session SACE representatives will talk about the importance of capabilities and how to create opportunities for students to show evidence of their development.

  5. Morning tea

  6. Collaboration

    Recognising the powerful learning that occurs when young people draw on and expand their connections Pru Raymond will highlight the ways Integrated Learning promotes collaboration, unpack strategies for sustained collaborative projects and share new and exciting ways to take learning beyond the classroom to connect purposefully with the community.

    Pru Raymond, Education Consultant, SACE Board

  7. Implementing peer feedback

    Integrated Learning requires students to evaluate their learning through self-assessment and feedback from others. Peer feedback is a mechanism for students to develop capability in understanding, interrogating and applying criteria and standards as it opens up a dialogue about what quality looks like. This session will explore what effective feedback looks like and how to teach students to engage in giving feedback that is productive and meaningful. 
    Dr Rozi Binte Rahmat, SACE Officer, SACE Board

  8. Discussion

    In this session Kiri McWaters will highlight ways that teachers can embed discussion authentically throughout their Integrated Learning program to support student learning. Participants will explore learning strategies and approaches to assist in the development of the skills and capabilities that support meaningful discussion.  Innovative ways of capturing evidence of discussion through new technologies, and in response to COVID-19 restrictions, will also be shared.

    Kiri McWaters, Golden Grove High School

  9. Lunch

  10. Case studies

    Prepared by current practitioners, different case studies that highlight the quality and diversity of learning across different program foci within Integrated Learning will be shared, with particular attention to the three key features of Discussion, Feedback and Collaboration.

  11. Personal Endeavour

    Why Endeavour? When Integrated Learning went through subject renewal three years ago, the external assessment, formerly known as the Investigation, was renamed the Personal Endeavour. Exploring the intentionality of this title, the assessment design features, and examples of great student endeavours, Karen Horvath will provide insights for teachers wanting to create greater depth in this task with their students.

    Karen Horvath, Manager, Adelaide Hills Vocational College

  12. Closing remarks

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Professor Martin Westwell

Martin is the Chief Executive of the SACE Board and has worked extensively with education systems and other organisations in using evidence to inform policy, practice, innovation and impact in education. He is leading the SACE Board in an aspirational new vision of educational change and student transformation which brings the whole student into focus. The SACE Board's Strategic Framework 2020-2023 decisively reframes the education narrative so that the ability to prosper and flourish now and in the future is the intentional outcome of a SACE education ... so that students thrive.

Kiri McWaters

Kiri is a leading practitioner and has been teaching Integrated Learning for 11 years. She has a passion for helping other teachers to use Integrated Learning to support students to achieve. Kiri was involved in the Integrated Learning subject renewal and has applied many subject ideas into Integrated Learning programs to enable students demonstrate high levels of success.

Karen Horvath

Karen is the Manager of the Adelaide Hills Vocational College. She works intensively with young people who have disengaged from mainstream education; often addressing multiple barriers. She has a passion for developing authentic learning experiences relating to young people’s interests and fostering a culture of success. Karen has been a Lead Practitioner in Integrated Learning since its inception and was involved in the subject renewal process.

Pru Raymond

Pru has recently joined the SACE Board of SA as an Education Consultant, bringing with her thirteen years' experience as a teacher and leader of learning. Pru is a leading practitioner for Integrated Learning and is passionate about facilitating connected and transformative learning experiences that empower young people and their communities. She believes that Integrated Learning provides a fantastic vehicle for this type of learning.

Dr Rozi Binte Rahmat

Rozi has 25 years of experience as an educator. She was a humanities senior teacher in a secondary school, a school leader and teaching fellow at the National Institute of Education, Singapore before joining the SACE Board in 2019. Her main research areas are assessment for learning strategies, including: feedback, questioning skills and teacher professional learning.

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Covid-19 safety measures

In line with the SA Government’s Covid-Safe guidelines, Prescient will be following a Covid-Safe plan for all of its events. By attending this event you agree to follow State Government Covid-Safe event protocols and adhere to Prescient and venue staff instructions on the day of the event. This includes ensuring diligence to hygiene measures and being prepared to cancel your attendance if you develop flu-like symptoms leading up to or on the day of the event.

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