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Enhance the impact of your feedback

Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on student learning and achievement, but the impact can vary (Hattie 2007). In this workshop the fundamental principles of feedback will be examined from different perspectives. Teachers will be invited to collaborate and consider how they can use feedback strategies to maximise learning.

Why should I attend?

BETTER support students to grow and progress in their learning by re-framing the process of feedback.
LEARN to apply feedback concepts, skills and techniques to increase positive student behaviours and performance.
CRAFT timely, specific and actionable feedback that feeds-up and feeds-forward.
PRACTISE the skills immediately through collaboration with other participants.
EVALUATE the impact your feedback is having on learning.

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Dr Rozi Binte Rahmat

Rozi has 25 years of experience as an educator. She was a humanities senior teacher in a secondary school, a school leader and teaching fellow at the National Institute of Education, Singapore before joining the SACE Board in 2019. Her main research areas are assessment for learning strategies including: feedback, questioning skills and teacher professional learning.

Hilda Neville

Hilda is a highly skilled presenter and workshop facilitator. With over 10 years experience in curriculum and assessment at the SACE Board and more than 20 years in school leadership, Hilda has a deep understanding and passion for teacher professional learning.