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What will I learn?

This 3.5-hour workshop is designed for teachers who already have some knowledge and/or have tried out formative assessment strategies in their classrooms. It is the first step to embedding formative assessment in your classroom practice. You will design an effective classroom assessment plan for different subjects and different class profiles.

What will I learn?
ENHANCE your ability to design effective learning goals and success criteria.
APPLY your understanding of assessment processes to your selection of formative classroom assessment tasks or summative classroom assessment tasks. 
DISCOVER effective applications of Wiliam’s framework when designing lessons.

This workshop will cover:

  • assessment literacy
  • effective assessment practice
  • the purpose of classroom assessment — clear learning goals and success criteria, and learner-centred, balanced assessment
  • assessment as a learning and teaching process
  • misconceptions about formative assessment
  • how to change the assessment process to produce formative assessment
  • the role of the teacher, learners, and peers in effective learning and teaching
  • the assessment–feedback learning cycle

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Jeremy LeCornu is Assistant Principal – Innovation, Teaching and Learning at Seaview High School and experienced science educator. He is passionate about making curriculum accessible and providing learning opportunities which challenge and engage students.

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